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  • Update - 12-6-2018
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    Ajahn Chah

    These days people don't search for the Truth. People study simply in order to find the knowledge necessary to make a living, raise their families and look after themselves, that's all. To them being smart is more important than being wise.

    Update for: 12th June 2018

    >> Working Bee
    This Saturday, 16th June, after lunch ~ 12:30. The main focus will be clearing the Bhikkhu Vihara basement - known by some as 'The Cardinals Palace.' There are thoughts to better utilise this space. Currently it is full of 'stuff' that we would like to clear and shift down to the workshop. A secondary focus is the marquee. With such wet weather it is still up and the forecast is for SUN! You would be most welcome to join us for the meal at 10:30 or come at 12:30. There is nothing too messy or rough but do bring work gloves if you need them. We have some here.

    >> Annual General Meeting
    Sunday July 15th, 1:00pm. The agenda has not quite been finalised but you will be notified shortly. This is just so you can mark your calendar in advance. Our AGM is a public meeting so everyone is welcome. Your input is appreciated. Note that if you wish to vote you need to be a member. Download the membership form and send that to us.

    >> Vassa Team
    The annual monastic retreat, the vassa, starts on July 28th. Each year we invite a few lay people to join the community both to deepen their own practice and to offer support to the monastery as required. This is primarily in relation to the daily meal. It is a very beneficial opportunity for all. There is a bit more information here. Please let us know if you might be interested.

    >> 1st Monday Meditation
    Many of you have joined the City Meditation group over the last couple of years. This is on the first Monday of each month at the Quaker Meeting House in Montcrieff Street. Over this time Cristian has kindly coordinated the events but he has seen a few changes that mean he is no longer able to do this. There is not a great deal to do but someone needs to do it. The main requirement is attending, the other duties fit easily around this. It could well be a shared role (we have one person half-available :). Please contact us if you have any interest. The meetings will continue but it does need someone to offer to help.


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