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  • Update - 12-11-2017
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    Ajahn Chah

    Theory and practice: the first knows the name of a medicinal plant, and the second goes to find it and uses it.

    Update for: 12th November 2017

    >> New Year Retreat
    December 26th to January 3rd - "The End of the World." An exploration of experiential definitions of the world, its extent, our experience of it and its ending. The transition into the new year marks a point of change. You can make some changes. The retreat is semi-residential so do join for all or part of the time. Accommodation preference is given to those who stay the full time. Book here There will be celebrations and rituals on Dec. 31st.

    >> Retreat Possibilities
    There has been earlier mention of changing the standard year retreat schedule and exploring a few different options. It would be good to hear from you, especially those who have attended retreats here, with any preferences or suggestions. The overall thought was to have more and this really depends on interest and commitment. Lets see how that unfolds.

    >> Kitchen
    The front garden is now complete and looks great. The kanuka (our new year wishing tree) holds a much firmer position now. Also the large earthenware pot at the corner of the kitchen entrance has been moved with a couple of rocks taking its place. Much tidier. [-photo-]

    >> Spring Friends
    Do you spend time in the monastery - the gardens, the forest? There is work to be done. With the welcome change in the weather it is time to get the season started. There is always lots of work to do. There has been talk of forming a group to have regular (monthly? more or less?) gatherings to do work around the monastery, particularly in the forest - clearing weeds, tree planting, existing and new track work, etc. If you are interested in this please contact Simon: simonfern[dot}stone{at]gmail[dot]com He will be happy to hear from you. We are already well underway. [-photo-]

    >> Weights
    Some sangha are more active than others. Those who are not are using the limited exercise weights that we have. We wondered if you might have some sitting unused in your garage? Dumbells, kettlebells, barbells.
    We already have a dinner bell.

    >> Calendars
    Copies of the 2018 monastic calendar are available at the monastery. Feel free to take one when you are next here. If you are not able to visit the monastery and would like a calendar(s) please send a post-paid, self-addressed envelope and we will send that on to you. Weights: wall calendar = 140gms, desk = 225gms

    >> Sangha Moves
    Venerable Kusalacitto is back from Melbourne after what seems to have been a very fruitful vassa. Samaneri Rohini arrived recently from Sri Lanka and she will be with us until year's end. Venerable Phasuko has finally been given a visa to stay another year. Sadhu. Venerable Thanavaro is still on track to join us for a year at the end of this month. Ajahn Narado's visa expires at the end of December and he will be heading back to UK to spend time with family and help out at Chithurst monastery. It has been very good having him here and we are already discussing his return but not sure how soon that will be.


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