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  • Update - 22-4-2017
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    Ajahn Chah

    Where does rain come from? It comes from all the dirty water that evaporates from the earth, like urine and the water you throw out after washing your feet. Isn't it wonderful how the sky can take that dirty water and change it into pure, clean water? Your mind can do the same with your defilements if you let it.

    Update for: 22nd April 2017

    >> Songkran
    Despite all of the other viharas having an event on the same day we were delighted to welcome nearly 200 friends to share the new year celebration at Bodhinyanarama. The weather was gentle and sunny throughout proceedings. Literally - as the last monk had his hands blessed - the sky devas could hold back their joy no longer and their warm tears fell upon us all in the cloister. Loving libations!

    >> Vesak
    Celebrations are a joyful delight. The most significant event on the Buddhist calendar is Vesak. A time to bring focus to the life and work of Gotama the Buddha; his birth, enlightenment and final passing. A most worth cause for celebration. We invite you to join us on Sunday May 7th, 9:45am, gathering together to honour and respect the collective blessing that we have received from the Buddha. All are welcome.

    >> Meditation
    City, the first Monday of the month = May 1st. We meet at Quaker House, Moncrief Street; 6-8pm.
    B'rama, the first Saturday = May 6th. Dhamma hall; 1-5pm. This is the day before Vesak so you could consider staying Sat. night and flowing on into our Vesak celebrations? bookings

    >> Receipts + Membership
    Email receipts have been sent. Postal receipts will be sent next week.
    There were several people who asked for a receipt who unfortunately didn't provide a postal or email address. Have a look at the Address Unknown list and send us your details.
    March 31st is also the time for membership renewal. You can download the application form and send that in to the: Secretary c/o Bodhinyanarama, 17 Rakau Grove, Stokes Valley.

    >> AGM - 3rd July
    This is still some time away but the committee has set a date so it would be good if you put this in your diary. More details later.

    >> Sacred Rocks
    As part of the stupa development Ajahn Kusalo is collecting rocks (stones) from monasteries around the world to be interred under the granite moonstone as part of its installation. Travelling to any holy or sacred places? You could bring back a stone and pass it on to Ajahn. There may be places in NZ. The idea is to create a physical hub that networks points of spiritual significance.

    >> Friends of the Forest
    There will be a working bee coming up to maintain monastery grounds and gardens. These are hoped to be regular (bi-monthly?). Simon has kindly offered to coordinate and if you any interest please: email Simon

    >> Stupa Progress
    Discussion with friends in Sri Lanka sees things almost in place for work to begin on the moonstone. Ajahn Kusalo hopes to be able to bring back 'a few chips off the old block.' Old - as in how many million years? The more local stone work is going well with Simon and Gavin working their wonderful magic. [-photo-]


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