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  • Update - 1-3-2017
    Jan 16Feb 1Mar 1

    Ajahn Chah

    Buddhism is a religion of the heart. Only this. One who practices to develop the heart is one who practices Buddhism.

    Update for: 1st March 2017

    >> Stupa Update
    We have had an excavation machine on site for the last few days and the new road and forecourt have been formed. The next step is to get the stone work done and the final levels set. Good progress has been made sourcing a granite moonstone in Sri Lanka. The UN has invited Ajahn Kusalo to Sri Lanka to take part in their Vesak programme in May so the moonstone will hopefully be finalised as a part of that trip. All discussion on the new reclining rupa concept has been very positive and the mural design is underway. The entrance will be a bit messy for while but the stupa is still accessible. [-photo-]

    >> Meditation Workshop
    We have another event in the sala on the 4th - the first Saturday of the month so, unfortunately, the meditation workshop has been cancelled. Sorry about that.

    >> Brisbane Exchange
    We have maintained a friendship with Dhammagiri Monastery in Brisbane over many years. Ajahn Dhammasiha, the abbot, has visited several times and recently Venerable Phasuko left here to spend a month there. In response, the venerable Bhuripanyo left there to come here for the month. It is very nice to have this kind of exchange with monks getting the experience of different monasteries and sharing fresh energy and ideas.

    >> Office Person
    Many thanks to all those who expressed their interest in helping out in the office. It is gratifying to see the willingness to support the monastery. Irene has kindly agreed to come in regularly and see to a range of administration tasks. She can be contacted through the office email if you have any admin enquiries. We are also restructuring our financial team and Irene will have some part of that as well. Sadhu.

    >> Videos
    Mallika recently made a short video of the monastery as a part of her uni. course. You can view the results of her work here Video takes quite a bit of time to compile but it is likely that there will more appearing over time so we have set a link off the photo page (and History) to the few that currently exist.

    >> Alms Round
    We are now six monks so duties are more easily shared. Many of you probably already know that we go on alms round (pindapat) down Stokes Valley every Wednesday morning. Going pindapat is a key element of the monks life so we are now experimenting with going every Tuesday morning into Lower Hutt. So far the response from people has been quite positive with a meal being provided for two monks.

    >> Tudong in Tents
    Monthly visits to Palmerston North have resumed and we are planning to take Ajahn Kongrit and Venerable Bhuripanyo on the next trip for the weekend of the 10th and then travel further north up the coast... Mt. Taranaki - maybe across to Taupo? We are short a one-man tent. Does anyone have one that we could borrow for a week or so?


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