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A Buddhist Monastery in the Forest Tradition of Ajahn Chah
The Sangha gathered at Bodhinyanarama waiting for the laity to assemble.
Under a clear sky the Sangha circumambulates the stupa.
The Palmerston North Group offer the vassa forest cloth to the Sangha. [see the Kathina Gallery]
Nature sends out tender fingers to greet the sun.
Robes being offered at the Thai temple in Newlands as a part of their Kathina.
Wat Thai, Newlands - Kathina 2017.
Wat Thai - Kathina 2017. No shortage of offerings and joy and faith.
A Bodhinyanarama resident - not too sure about this encroaching monk.
Human too close for comfort - "I'm outa here."
At the feet of the Buddha.
New landscaping in the garden area in front of the kitchen.
Two rocks nicely placed. There is still some work to be done but it still looks very nice.
Reach for the sky.
How many monastics does it take to patch one tent?
Blooming lovely.
The macrocarpa lotus buds that adorned the two entrance gate posts are quite badly rotten. They will be replaced - and painted.
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Kathina Season Celebration
15th October

New Yr Retreat 26 Dec - 3 Jan
odhinyanarama is a monastic sanctuary situated in a 51 hectare (126 acre) wooded valley near Wellington, New Zealand. The monastery is the focus for a thriving Buddhist community and serves a variety of functions. While principally a residence for those wishing to participate or train in the monastic lifestyle, the large public area and meeting hall are used for religious festivals, public meetings and retreats. The forested area with remote lodgings provides a suitable environment for seclusion. The senior monks instruct in meditation, teach Buddhist principles, lead retreats and provide religious services for the Buddhist community, both at the monastery and at other venues in New Zealand and elsewhere.

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The Sangha gathered at Bodhinyanarama waiting for the laity to assemble.

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>> Vassa
We celebrated the new moon on Monday. This marks the half-way point of the vassa. Ajahn Kusalo begins his self-retreat and the resident community generally maintains a quiet and meditative sc  ...read more

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The Naturalness of Mind
Ajahn Sundara