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A Buddhist Monastery in the Forest Tradition of Ajahn Chah
Bruce cuts a 65 year old cake - him, not the cake. Another milestone, another day, another dana... one step closer to nibbana!
Venerable Issaro working his magic with final touches to the new dormitory wiring.
A visit to the Island Bay monastery to pay respects to Ajahn Maha Sutep before vassa. We are standing in front of their new pavilion, made for the Ankhor Wat model.
The Little Pig... all bright and shiny new ready to warm hermits over the vassa.
Fifty students from Kapiti College offer alms to the sangha as part of their recent visit.
Venerable Issaro and Bruce working on the new dormitory.
The view from the 'industrial' side of the dormitory.
The view from the main entrance to the dormitory area. Porches, paint, landscaping and general tidy up still to come - as well as window cleaning!
Winter is here. A dark cloud mountain hangs over Stokes Valley.
As much a photo of the new planer and sander in action as of Bruce putting finishing touches to the new book display.
The new book display in the sala vestibule.
Julienne and Katie-Jayne shoveling gravel to go on the access track and service area under the workshop.
Venerable Issaro on the workshop roof fixing the light.
Soft shadows on the kuti wall.
The view from the service area of the space under the workshop.
The Bodhi tree resplendently green and bright enjoying the warm sun in the dana sala.
The new hermitage deck. The foreground triangle where a senior ajahn fell, the main front where tea will be drunk.
Sebastian and Anna begin painting the new monks' toilet.
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Queen B'day Retreat 3-6 June
AGM 17 July
Vassa 20 July
odhinyanarama is a monastic sanctuary situated in a 51 hectare (126 acre) wooded valley near Wellington, New Zealand. The monastery is the focus for a thriving Buddhist community and serves a variety of functions. While principally a residence for those wishing to participate or train in the monastic lifestyle, the large public area and meeting hall are used for religious festivals, public meetings and retreats. The forested area with remote lodgings provides a suitable environment for seclusion. The senior monks instruct in meditation, teach Buddhist principles, lead retreats and provide religious services for the Buddhist community, both at the monastery and at other venues in New Zealand and elsewhere.

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Bruce cuts a 65 year old cake - him, not the cake. Another milestone, another day, another dana.  ...read more

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>> Super Sunday
July 17th, an 11 hour run, beginning at 9:30 with the start of Khao Pansa. Considering all the other monasteries were also celebrating on this day we were delighted to have nearly 100  ...read more

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