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Joyful Dhamma
Ajahn Sumedho visits Bodhinyanarama from the 17th to the 23rd of March This is a major event and we want to keep you informed to ensure your optimum participation.
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A Buddhist Monastery in the Forest Tradition of Ajahn Chah
The Buddha behind a bee on a sunflower.
Lindsay working on the new, fireproof incense store.
The hermitage kuti will get an upgrade before winter. Extended, safer deck + wood stove. Bruce taking a few measurements.
Tony putting the finishing touch to the entrance car park.
The pine trees above the sala taking leave. The forest will have more space.
A tidy trellis under the stairs up to the dana sala. Fuchsia in the foreground.
Aaron, Bruce and Mark working on the step-less access to Ajahn Kusalo's kuti.
On alms round in Bung Wai, the village adjacent to Wat Pah Nanachat.
Patimokkha at Wat Saket, Bangkok.
Outside the uposatha hall at Wat Saket.
The new uposatha hall at Wat Citta Bhavana -- Luang Por Piak's monastery.
Venerable Aruno in front of Luang Por Chah's chedi.
L-R: Ajahn Kusalo, Sucitto, Aruno - inside Luang Por Chah's chedi infront of his reliquary.
A delightful meeting with Ajahn Anek.
The new stone Buddha rupa on the second level of Ajahn Anek's new uposatha hall.
The stupa at Nakhon Phanom beside the Mekong River. It's origins as old as 2500 years ago.
Most of the New-Year retreatants greeting... the New Year. Happy 2016!
A bug on a leaf.
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City Meditation 7th March
Aj Kalyano 9-11 March
LP Sumedho 17-21 March
Aj Tiradhammo 11-27 May
Vesak 22nd May
odhinyanarama is a monastic sanctuary situated in a 51 hectare (126 acre) wooded valley near Wellington, New Zealand. The monastery is the focus for a thriving Buddhist community and serves a variety of functions. While principally a residence for those wishing to participate or train in the monastic lifestyle, the large public area and meeting hall are used for religious festivals, public meetings and retreats. The forested area with remote lodgings provides a suitable environment for seclusion. The senior monks instruct in meditation, teach Buddhist principles, lead retreats and provide religious services for the Buddhist community, both at the monastery and at other venues in New Zealand and elsewhere.

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The Buddha behind a bee on a sunflower.

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